TeleMotion: Multi-Screen Video Mapping Dance

We are often asked to perform our Projection Mapping Dance performances in venues that don't have a suitable projector & screen or LED wall setup. TeleMotion is our solution to this problem! Utilising brand new technology, Performers in ninja costumes manipulate twelve portable screens so an LED wall is not required. Performers interact with the stunning motion graphics on the screens, similar to an iPad magician's tricks. This is an incredible premium performance type that is not to be missed.



Modeled after our extremely popular 'Touch the Stars' Projection Mapping Dance routine, Stellar features imagery of galaxies, stars, and planets. This multi-screen dance performance features two dazzling performers as they take us on an exciting journey of discovery. This routine also features costumes that glow with enchanting fibre-optic fabric!


Chinese New Year!



Originally created for the staff of one of our clients, we trained them to perform our first-ever Chinese New Year-themed TeleMotion show. This routine can be easily adapted to suit any year on the Lunar Calendar.

Partially Customised Routine



Let our Creative Team take your theme and adapt an existing routine to suit your budget! If our existing TeleMotion performances aren't quite what you're looking for, let us adapt them for you slightly. By reusing some motion graphics elements explored in other routines, we can create a brand-new storyline at a more affordable price!

Fully Customised Routine



To truly wow the audience at your event, opt for a never-before-seen TeleMotion routine! With brand-new motion graphics, music, and choreography, this premium option is for the special event that deserves a high-impact routine to leave a lasting impression on audience members.