Projection Dance

For something truly sensational, consider Wildfire Entertainment’s Projection Mapping Dance, where performers dance in front of an LED or projection screen displaying bespoke motion graphics. Projection Mapping can also be done onto three-dimensional objects, giving our dancers the opportunity to bring technology to life around them.
Wildfire brings years of experience bringing performances of this genre to corporate events around the world, while always finding ways to add to and improve this amazing performance style.

Touch the Stars


Touch the Stars is Wildfire Entertainment's most elegant Projection Mapping Dance Performance. The performance combines Ballet and Contemporary Dance with stunning motion graphics of shooting stars, glistening galaxies, and explosive supernovas. This performance truly adds a premium and enchanting feel to any event, as it builds to a crescendo of interconnected dancers and stars binding them and their movements together.




Inspired by the natural wonder - bioluminescence, this routine is packed with energetic movement, glowing UV costumes, hair & makeup, and foam rockets sent firing to the beats of the music. It was (quite literally) launched at Usana's Asia Pacific Convention 2018 for over five thousand enraptured guests.



This projection dance routine can be performed with or without rocket section. Rockets can also incorporate client branding.




Projection Mapping Dance on a truly epic scale. The most intense and fiery of Wildfire Entertainment's motion graphics dance routines Originally produced for a 40 metre long screen, but now available for as small as 12m, Ignited is an impressive display of explosive motion graphics and high energy contemporary fusion dance. Start your event with a serious bang and get your crowd truly hyped for what's to come..




Travel into the world of tomorrow with this futuristic projection mapping dance performance. This routine goes way beyond just projection dance with amazing motion graphics, synchronised LED costumes, aerial track flying, and synchronised LED wristbands on every audience member. Our creative director Robert Jenkin brought all these elements together for what was truly a world first!



This routine has alternative music options and can also be performed with 3 dancers for smaller stage and screen setups.


Standard performance includes projection dance with synchronised LED costumes with options for Aerial flying and LED Wristbands for additional costs. 


Dot Matrix

This projection mapping dance performance demonstrates how connection and cooperation can bring order to an increasingly chaotic and random world. With a distinct futuristic theme and feel, the slick dancers take event guests into a high-tech matrix of dots and data.

This projection mapping dance routine can also be performed with motion graphics that feature a white background (instead of black).


Tech Connect


True Projection Mapping Dance with motion graphics mapped on three dimensional props as well as the main screen. This is technology meets performance. Tech Connect highlights the vast interweave of technology and computing power in our lives as we speed into the future of life in the age of big data and global connectivity.


Colours of the World


Bring a splash of colour to your event with Wildfire Entertainment's Colours of the World projection mapping dance show. The only show in Australia to combine acrobatic springboard stunts with projection mapping dance, this routine includes motion graphic effects simulating splashes of paint and brightly coloured ink in water. Not only that, but see if you can spot the incredible onstage full costume where the dancers don't even move. They literally go from wearing drab grey office attire to brightly coloured sportswear right before your eyes at 0:40!!


Customised Routine - Message Based


We understand that events don't usually just happen for the sake of it and that often, you and your clients are looking for a customised performance to present a specific messaging or idea to your event guests. We have years of experience working with major corporations and government agencies to create incredible performances that fully encompass and portray the event concept and messaging.

Projection Mapping Dance is an excellent medium for this as you can see from the show we did for the Singapore's Land Transport Authority to open the international SITCE conference in 2016. Among the list of elements they wished to promote was their "Walk Cycle Ride" initiatives, the upcoming high speed rail connection to Malaysia and the future of urban mobility with self-driving cars. You can see how we incorporated all these ideas into a fun and entertaining performance for their international and local guests.

Customised Routine - Product Based


Just as some event performances are based around a message, others are focused on launching a particular product or product line. We love the creativity we get to express when conceptualising unique and exciting performances to get people hyped about a new product while always working with the client's branding and product's purpose at the forefront of our minds. Projection mapping dance is an ideal entertainment type for this as we are able to intertwine the music, dance choreography, and motion graphics, all in the direction of promoting the product.

This performance for Herbalife really went down a treat with the 18,000 people attending their Asia Pacific Convention a few years back.


Customised Routine - Info-graphic Style


If you have a lot of information to get across or are simply looking for a more engaging way to present to your event guests, talk to us about our Info-graphic Style Projection Mapping Dance Performances. Our dancers take the role of elegant presenters as their choreography and movement direct focus around the screen, commanding attention on the information being shared. The engaging visuals combined with movement and music will guarantee information retention!