Jazz LuMen


You want the edginess of LED Dance at your event, but your client thinks our Tron-Style LuMen 2.0 is too futuristic-looking. What's an event planner to do? Contact Wildfire about one of our brand new LuMen offerings, of course! With their top hats and tailcoats, Wildfire's Jazz LuMen is the perfect way to class up any event. So if you have a theme like Great Gatsby, 1920s or simply want a fun and fanciful event performance then this LED jazz dance act is the perfect option.



Bringing swing, style, and classic jazz fun to the event stage is Jazz LuMen's debut routine 'Bang!'. Featuring 5 dancers as seen in the video to the left. Of course, we can customise a brand new routine for your event as well! Get in touch with us to learn more.